Trialling Something New

Trialling Something New

1st Dec 2023


Breon Snowdon

As an industry in constant flux, we strive to evolve with the times. In an effort to promote work-life balance, we will transition to a four-day work week.

This shortened schedule reflects growing trends in the UK, with studies showing increased productivity, employee wellbeing, and fewer absences.

Naturally, questions arise. Will output suffer? Will we appear idle? Can we really lose a whole day?!

While valid concerns, we feel this marks a positive step forward as workplace norms change.

From the 1st of December 2023 we will compress hours across four days. Most employees will adopt Monday-Thursday schedules, with flexibility for personal preferences within our remote work policy.

We will phase this in gradually, reviewing weekly. Although officially closed on Fridays, we will remain available for support via email (and phone, if an emergency).

We trust our clients will adapt with us, but invite feedback to inform ongoing adjustments. The four-day week, while unconventional, promises a better balance of work and life here at REAL DESIGN.