5 Simple Marketing Tactics

5 Simple Marketing Tactics

In these uncertain times we all need to maximise our marketing strategies, making sure that the return on investment relates to brand exposure, sales or customer engagement. Below are 5 simple things to include in your ongoing marketing endeavors.

Test And Track

Effective marketing is designed to lead to more sales, more enquiries, more leads, more buzz about your business. Whatever you want your marketing to do you need to find ways of assessing if it has. To avoid gambling with your marketing budget, run small tests of different ideas that tick all the boxes on your checklist – invest more in the ones that work, fix or stop the ones that don’t.

Nurture Brand Advocates

People look for recommendations from their peers to make purchase decisions. Your own customers are a powerful resource to help you reach new audiences and drive conversions. To make the most of your brand advocates, create campaigns to incentivise them to spread your message. Create an online community or offer rewards for referrals, for example. You can also create a branded hashtag and encourage audiences to use it.

Connect Online And Offline Strategies

Creating a consistent customer experience online and off is an important aspect of memorable marketing in 2020. More and more businesses are using in-person events, live streaming and social to influence audiences and drive sales, but they often think of them as isolated from online marketing initiatives. To get the most out of in-person marketing, first identify what steps you want your audience to take after the ‘event’ (e.g. engage with your emails, sign up for a free product demo, etc). Then create an in-person experience that nurtures them on this journey.

Create A Memorable Message

There are only so many ways to directly promote your products and services through marketing. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to stray away from your main marketing agenda to tell stories that make your brand more memorable and likeable. The more creative you get with storytelling, the more likely you’ll stand out and improve your brand image.

Handwritten Note

Has a customer or client done something nice for your business? Maybe they referred another customer to you or were ‘understanding’ when something went wrong at your end. Whatever the reason, even if it’s just to thank them for their custom; a simple handwritten note stands out from the piles of impersonal form letters they normally have to wade through.

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