Studio Upgrade

Studio Upgrade

15th Jun 2022


Breon Snowdon

After over 20 years at our current location we are finally upgrading to a bigger studio. It has long been an ambition of ours to upgrade to a studio with a full video and photographic set up and finally we have achieved that goal.

Of course with any big move comes the obligatory clean out operation. For 20 years since the dawn of digital media we have created projects on everything from vhs to blu-ray. 100S of mini-dv and DVCPro tapes all backed up to 100s of mechanical hard drives. 20 years worth of memories is not something you can easily throw away, so more hours than were perhaps necessary were spent reminiscing over the good, the bad and the ugly, old clients and colleagues, and late nights during hot summers working to impossible deadlines.

Jobs ranging from sticky nightclub shoots in Blackpool to fashion runways set against the glistening cote d’Azur of Monaco were all re-watched during the agonising process of what to keep. Old show reels and promos were viewed for the first time in years and we were able witness our transformation from a group of young graphic designers, videographers and coders to the more mature, but only slightly more sensible collective that now forms REAL DESIGN.

There were over ten draws of physical media that were reduced down to a 8tb hard drive over the course of three months as well as old cables, PC’s and print media to be recycled.

We ended up giving over 100 hard drives to our friends at R3 Data Recovery who not only securely destroyed the data contained on the drives but also recycled them for parts.

It has been a physically and emotionally difficult process but moving forward always is. We would like to thank you for your continued friendship, support and patronage as we move into the next exciting chapter of REAL DESIGN.