REAL DESIGN Free Consultation

REAL DESIGN Free Consultation

4th Mar 2022


Breon Snowdon

Every relationship starts with a discussion, and to make the initial enquiry even easier we have a simple form to fill in and we will give you a call right back. The initial call will last a few minutes, in which we will find out a bit about you and your business, what you might need now and possibly in the future.

This will give us enough information to start our research process; looking at competitive business, product market place, brand strategy, search engine optimisation competition, animation or video development, etc. every aspect of your inquiry, to best understand what solution you will need along with possible complimentary services that might add value.

This process can take a few days and we will prepare a document, which outlines our findings, along with a budget and timelines. This information is provided completely free and with no obligation, we want you to have as much detail and information moving forward - be it with us or a different agency.


Once you have our document and you have had a bit of time to digest our suggestions and information, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss our findings, see if our initial consultation meets your expectations and outline the next steps with us.


For over 20 years REAL DESIGN has provided ethical media solutions to customers around the world, based on honesty and integrity, we see each of our clients as a relationship not a project. Our main services are brand development, graphic design, video production & web creation but we also offer some niche solutions; augmented reality, commercial & studio photography, copy and script writing, live streaming, marketing campaigns, social media engagement, sms/mobile marketing, virtual reality, viral video creation.

REAL Facts:

 - REAL have been in the media sector for over 20 years, developing new technologies for our customers to use - making them stand out.
 - We have a 98% retention on customer relationships, we still work with customers from our first year in business.
 - We will only offer customers what we think they need, if a service is not needed, we won’t offer it. Upselling is only effective if it’s complimentary.

So why not fill out the quick form below to start your free consultation with us now.