Design Trends 2024

Design Trends 2024

8th Feb 2024


Breon Snowdon

Hey there friends! We know we’re a little late to the party, but we couldn’t miss out on unveiling the biggest graphic design trends for 2024! From nature-inspired palettes to minimalist styles, and even a bit of nostalgia, we’ll guide you through the creative innovations shaping visual communication this year.

Natural materials


First up, we’ve got natural materials taking centre stage. Eco-friendly elements like earth tones, hand-drawn illustrations, and organic fonts are connecting brands with consumers who care about sustainability. Accessibility is also key, with more focus on inclusive design.

Bold minimalism


Bold minimalism continues its reign in 2024. The “less is more” approach strips away clutter for elegance and visual clarity. With restrained colour and typography focus, minimalism enables precise messaging. Its versatility across mediums like websites and branding makes it a go-to.



Get ready for a dose of pixel power this year too. These digital building blocks add a retro gaming vibe, blending nostalgia with modern aesthetics. Scaled-up pixels make a bold statement. By fusing this old-school pixel style with current tech capabilities, designers are concocting something totally novel.



Vivid fluorescence rules in 2024, with electric hues taking centre stage. Neon yellows, greens, oranges - you name it. Vibrant colours let designs make a splash. Brands are using this trend to captivate audiences with compelling visual stories.

AI Assistance


Now to our robot friends. AI assistance gained major traction last year, generating graphics and expediting workflows. In 2024, AI’s creative potential grows. Tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Adobe Firefly enable rapid concept iterations and design explorations. AI animates visuals in cool new ways too. Nutella, for example, utilised AI to create a campaign with 7 million unique package designs, showcasing the power of AI in generating creative solutions.

Hand-drawn Illustration


Hand-drawn illustration adds personality as another 2024 trend. Whimsical doodles and flowing drawings bring an endearing, handcrafted vibe. Paired with script fonts, this look adds warmth. Illustrations also allow bespoke visual storytelling versus generic stock imagery.



And we can’t forget retro charm! Rich colour palettes, grainy photography, and cartoon characters deliver vintage cheer. This nostalgic style reminds us of simpler times. Vintage minimalism, stripping away the extras for timeless simplicity, is particularly hot right now.

Wrapping up: 2024’s best design trends

There you have it - our tour through 2024’s biggest graphic design trends! Feel free to riff on these creative styles as you craft visually engaging stories. With fierce competition, adaptability is key - so embrace the unconventional in this AI age. We hope these trends spark ideas as you stay ahead of the curve. Let us know if you have any other questions!