Neil Helyard is a talented draughtsman, whose work focuses on portraiture and the human and living form. Born in Beverley, East Yorkshire in 1951, Neil Helyard always had a passion for art.

The Objective

Develop and create an online and offline presents for the artist Neil Helyard.

The Solution

We started by creating the brand for Neil, this comprised of the artists signature made legible but retaining his artistic flair. All stationary was completed with a set of designs based around 5 different working styles; this shows his versatility and breadth of work. Once all print media was developed we started working on his website design and development. The site is built on our own content management system, which allows for flexible and quick module creation, allowing us to build a gallery section which shows off Neil’s work in the best possible way. As well as a responsive website we loaded it with search engine optimisation elements to allow for the highest search results.

  • Service Branding, Print Media, Video Production and Website Design & Development
  • Outcome Increase Online SERP Results, Brand & Online Recognition
  • Client Glenn Dunn & Neil Helyard
Neil Helyard
Neil Helyard
Neil Helyard