We love what we do, and we’re here to help absolutely everyone from any walk of life net the job they deserve. The MyJobClub Community Project, funded by the European Social Fund, is open to anyone in the west Hull villages and surrounding area of East Yorkshire who is currently unemployed or about to be made redundant. Our aim is simple – to support you back to work.

The Objective

Develop an online signup and CV system, which gives members access to exclusive job information and resources along with purchanceable CV makeovers.

The Solution

We created a relatable and applicable brand for MJC, as it needed to appeal to a wide audience but have a local feel. We created the 3D mascot to allow for optional staging and setups; using mocap (motion capture) to position the rigged mascot and create some animated sequences. Once the brand was created we pushed this over to the unique members website, built on our core content management system, this allows the client to add members and unique material to the website. The site also allows users to upload their CV for review and then gives them the option to purchase a refined and tailored version.

  • Service Brand Development, 3D, Members Website and Ecommerce Design & Development
  • Outcome Brand Recognition, Additional National Funding & Local Community Job Clubs
  • Client MyJobCoach & HumberJobHub CIC

“I worked with REAL DESIGN on the redesign of my company website, I wanted something that was modern, easy to navigate but more importantly something I could use as a marketing tool. I am more than happy with the results, the site is fresh and sharp and is different to any other recruitment agency site. The site has also been an outstanding success in its use as a marketing tool, attracting both job hunters and prospetive clients.”


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